Subject: Re: road map for new immigrants?
To: Ted Spradley <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/15/1998 00:09:52
Ted Spradley writes:
> Could someone give me a quick pointer to "How To build NetBSD from 
> sources"?  I'm a recent immigrant from FreeBSD.  I've groveled around in 
> and found how to get the sources but not how to 
> compile 'em.

Which set of sources are you using -- 1.3.2, or -current?

WARNING: if you are running a 1.3.2 machine, and building -current
sources, you MUST first install a new kernel. Otherwise, your libc,
which refers to new system calls, and your userland, which uses those
calls, will not work. Building a -current kernel from 1.3.2 sources
will almost doubtless require that you manually rebuild and install

If you are building 1.3.2 sources with a 1.3.2 kernel, or if you
already running a -current kernel, ignore that warning.

> I tried "make build" in /usr/src, and it choogled along for a while, but 
> then quit when it failed to find something called "compile_et".

Hmmm. It shouldn't have done that. Did you forget, perhaps, to unpack
the secr set when you built your machine?

Anyway, the simple solution to that problem is to go into
/usr/src/domestic/usr.bin/compile_et and type

"make depend && make && make install"

and then do the make build again.

> I'm sure there's something more I should have done, but where do I
> find out what?

No, make build is really what you wanted.