Subject: Re: sigset13_t error in userspace code on mips
To: None <>
From: Mike Pumford <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/13/1998 21:09:21
On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> The new-style struct sigcontext has a member __sc_mask13 of type
> sigset13_t, but the typedef of sigset13_t in sys/signal.h is
> protected by an #ifdef.
> On a mips, that breaks all userland code which includes signal.h.  I
> think the i386 has the same problem.  The alpha signal.h dlecares
> __sc_mask13 as a long, so it's OK.
I can confirm that this happens on arm32 as well. I changed it to unsigned
int (as a quick hack) which agrees with the protected definition which
allowed me to rebuild libkvm and ps which is the bare minimum I can get by
with building right now.