Subject: Re: AFS/arla
To: Castor Fu <>
From: dustin sallings <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/13/1998 15:18:33
On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Castor Fu wrote:

	I just thought AFS because it's more widely used and I played with
it recently.  I think I've got Coda sources around here, but I haven't
tried it since platform support is more limited, and until yesterday, I
only had 1.5 NetBSD boxes on my home network (I finally installed my
HP9000/340, so I've got 2.5 now).

// > > Anyway, what's the closest to free I could get something to run as
// > > an AFS server?
// Do you have to have strictly AFS or are you looking for AFS-like
// functionality.
// There are at least two obvious alternatives:
// 1.  The CODA system is a successor to AFS being developed at CMU.
//     I'm pretty sure there is some NetBSD support, though it might 
//     be some work to support it.  I haven't tried running it yet.
// 2.  DCE/DFS sources are available from the Open Group, but attempts to
// 	port this to NetBSD are likely to involve some SERIOUS pain.
// 	There is a group which has gotten DCE running under Linux, and
// 	maybe FreeBSD at BU.
// 	-castor

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