Subject: Re: NFS mountd hanging
To: Bob Nestor <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/12/1998 18:43:12
Bob Nestor <> wrote:

> If you upgraded from an older version of userland it's possible you got 
> caught with two versions of mountd.  There was a PR on this and the 
> solution is to eliminate the old mountd and setup /etc/networks then 
> modify the /etc/exports to use the definitions in /etc/networks.

I just double checked, and no second copy of mountd in /sbin, though
I had completely forgotten about that.  (I now remember reading
about it some time ago though.)

Also, I've never set NFS up on this machine before, so I doubt that it
is new daemons with old config files.  I much more strongly suspect that
it's a case of "I didn't see that in the man page..."

> If you think this is your problem and nobody else jumps in with a 
> detailed explaination and solution, I can e-mail you the setup info that 
> was given to me to fix this.

It might help, I'm not sure.  If you have the stuff and can send it in less
than one minute, please do, as I might see something in it that I missed.
Otherwise, it might be better to start this config over from scratch...
(There's really not much to it at all.)

Jon Buller