Subject: Re: installing a pkg on multiple machines?
To: Julian Coleman <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/11/1998 01:50:31
Hi Ruud,

> PS.  Should there be a 'common problems' section to the package
> documentation?  Something like :


> 	Problem:
> 		>> Checksum mismatch for sane-0.74.tar.gz
> 	Solution:
> 		Remove partially downloaded file from /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles

Or set FAILOVER_FETCH in /etc/mk.conf or the environment.  While this
won't work if you've already downloaded the file, if you sit behind
some weird firewalls like me, this can be quite useful - it calculates
the checksum when the file is downloaded, and, if a mismatch occurs,
tries to fetch the file from the next site in the list.
> 	Problem:
> 		Cannot install packages on multiple machines
> 	Solution:
> 		`rm work/.install_done`

Or "make reinstall"
> 	Problem:
> 		===>  xv-3.10a Unacceptable license: shareware.
> 	Solution:
> 		Dunno :)

Set ACCEPTABLE_LICENCES in /etc/mk.conf to include shareware. 
"ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES" is an alias for this.  It just depends where you
live.  This will also bite you on xephem with "no-commercial-use" type
of licen[cs]e.

Take care,