Subject: NetBSD success
To: None <>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/09/1998 02:13:01
Hi ya,
just to share joy of success with running NetBSD as a gateway to
Internet ... (old hat for majority of you, but anyway).

I'm working in a US camp during summer holidays, unfortunately
mainly with MS Windoze. There is something called Internet center,
where kids are supposed to get on Internet. For 6 weeks, there were
just two computers with dial-up to internet; maily only one has
been usable and only occassionally anybody used that anyway, because
password was needed to connect to local privider (heck, I was not
the one who took care about them, you know).

After these 6 weeks, camp boss finally decided to accept my proposal
to connect available (about 5) computers into LAN and connect
them to Internet via NetBSD gateway.

Well, it was first time I've set up dial-up connection and ipf/ipnat.
Finally, everything was pretty easy, setting pppd straightforward
(thanks to Bob Nestods pppnat package) and ipnat matter of copying
and editing of /usr/share/examples/ipf/BASIC.NAT.  Setting up local
DNS was of course piece of cake too (windoze machines didn't do
much problems - besides fact I had to reinstall almost all of them
<- dusty registers).

Now, the network works perfectly, w/o human intervention, for about
3-4 days in row. I won't get some pretty uptime though - camp ends
in two weeks or so :(  Performance of interactive ssh session from
US to Czech republic through the shared modem link is suprisingly
same/better as direct dial connection from windows, at least I have
that feeling.

Just as a side note - the machine (the one NetBSD is pretty happily
running on) is i486SX with 4MB RAM. I did install it (and compiled
custom kernel) on other machine, though ;) BTW - there is HUGE
difference between system running 2.7MB and 700KB kernel ;) I was
really pleased how usable this configuration is with NetBSD.

Anyway, finally I've got one computer with real OS here ;)

Thanks to everyone who make NetBSD happen. NetBSD rules !

Jaromir Dolecek <>
It is better never to have been born.  But who among us has such luck?
One in a million, perhaps.