Subject: Re: things I noticed with NetBSD on my laptop
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/30/1998 17:27:13
On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Chris Jones wrote:
> > I think the hibernate file writes to a DOS partition, but you don't
> > need DOS to create a DOS partition...
> On a laptop I've been working with, the BIOS occasionally complains
> because it can't find a "S2D" partition.  I suppose, if I knew what S2D
> was, I could create such a partition for its use.

My guess is that S2D means "Save to Disk".

On my laptop (NEC Vesa 4080H), I have a Windows95 partition and a NetBSD
partition.  The BIOS seems to want its save to disk area to be in a file
in the DOS/Windows95 partition, and I have to run a utility called
"PHDISK" to create the file; PHDISK.EXE lives in the \NECUTILS\ directory
of the factory-installed Windows95 partition, and I have to boot in
Windows95 "MSDOS mode" to run it.  I guess that there are some
undocumented variables in the battery backed up CMOS RAM to tell the BIOS
where to find the file, and that the BIOS also does some sanity checking
to try to avoid scribbling in the wrong place if those variables get

--apb (Alan Barrett)