Subject: Re: Spam
To: Space Case <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/23/1998 15:50:01
But, the fact that you have written to this list means that the
programs that eat archives and spit out mail addresses will eventually
find you and soon enough you will be getting mail direct to your

Space Case <> writes:

> On Jul 22, 12:09pm, "Perry E. Metzger" wrote:
> >Because people living in Washington can now successfully sue spammers
> >for money. It seems to be working. Those of us not in the state can't
> >do that.
> The thing is, two conditions need to be met:
> 1. They have to disguise the sending address and/or the subject
> 2. They have to 'reasonably know' the recipient lives in Washington
> If they send it to a mailing list on a server that lives in California,
> for example, it won't meet the second condition...
> If they sent it directly to my account on, then I could sue,
> because eskimo is registered in Washington.
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