Subject: Re: Spam
To: None <>
From: Tom Coulter <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/22/1998 12:29:07
> >I used to live in Washington State (now in Idaho,) but I know several people
> >in Wa that run NetBSD. Why?
> Washington State now has an "anti-spam" law in effect.  It took effect in
> June.  There are some know suits in progress due to this law.
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	Something I ran across in one of my mailing lists:

>>Forwarded-by: Kevin Taglang <kevint@BENTON.ORG>
>>Title:  Man Collects $200 From Unwanted Spam
>>Source: New York Times (CyberTimes)
>>Author: Matt Richtel
>>Issue:  Email
>>Description: Bruce Miller of Seattle collected $200 this week from a bulk
>>emailer under Washington State's month-old anti-spam law. Mr. Miller, a
>>freelance writer and consultant, may be the first consumer to
>>ever benefit from any state or federal anti-spam legislation. The payment
>>comes as legislators in states around the U.S. and Congress are considering
>>laws to restrict the use of unsolicited commercial email, and in some cases
>>penalize the senders. To date, Washington and Nevada are the only two states
>>that have adopted laws that specifically address spam.


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