Subject: Re: Sup oddity
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG, mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Noriyuki Soda <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1998 23:30:39
> My scripts to sup -current daily have been purring along for years
> without any trouble.  Recently, I noticed the logs saying "SUP: Unable
> to delete directory src/sys/kgdb".
> But I'm quite sure I didn't put them there.  So I'm wondering why sup
> would leave the files there and then try to delete the directory.  (I
> discipline myself to *never* write to the supped-into area, though it's
> not impossible that something went wrong and wrote there, if that's
> what it would take to cause this.)

When SUP client receives some files and not completes it for some
reasons (e.g. SUP server cannot read one of the files due to
permission error), SUP client aborts and doesn't correctly update the
"$BASE/$COLLECTION/last" file. (even if some files are actually

So, if the newly received files (which are created in such failed
transaction) are removed in SUP server, SUP client doesn't think the
files are received from server, and doesn't remove the files.

SUP client should update the "last" file whenever it receives files,
but it doesn't.
This is one of the bug of SUP client, but I don't know this bug is
fixed (or SEND-PR-ed), or not. Sorry.