Subject: Re: things I noticed with NetBSD on my laptop
To: dustin sallings <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/18/1998 08:21:30
	We've seen the X messup before.  It was especially prominent under
Xfree86-3.1.2 and got noticably better under Xfree86-3.2.2.  I don't know
what causes it.

On Jul 17,  8:12pm, dustin sallings wrote:
} Subject: things I noticed with NetBSD on my laptop
} 	Few things I noticed with my Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDS:
} 	apm works pretty well until the machine goes to sleep.  I assume
} that's known as I've heard others say, ``apm is broken,'' but I don't see
} anything in the manpage that says I shouldn't be able to suspend a
} machine for at least a short amount of time.  Where can I find status on
} this?
} 	Is there any reason a sample dhclient.conf isn't included?  Mine
} almost went immediately from CD to network, 'cept I had to make a DHCP
} config first.  My config looks like this, and should work pretty much
} anywhere:
} -----------------------------------------------------------------------
} request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, time-offset, routers,
}         domain-name, domain-name-servers, host-name;
} require subnet-mask, domain-name-servers;
} timeout 60;
} retry 60;
} reboot 10;
} select-timeout 5;
} initial-interval 2;
} script "/etc/dhclient-script";
} -----------------------------------------------------------------------
} 	I modified dhclient-script to actually set the domain name (I
} thought it would, but apparently not) because I've got a neat little
} addition to rc.local that runs scripts based on the domainname, so that if
} it finds out that I'm at home, it starts ypbind and amd (I keep my maps
} and my master in NIS) and it plays just like any other home machine, but
} if it's at work, it doesn't bother with ypbind or amd, but may start up
} samba or something useful there.
} 	I created a seperate /var partition, and that really kind of broke
} me as I put dhclient in netstart.local, and the critical filesystems
} aren't mounted until *after* the net config.  Although /usr is mounted
} before if lkm is configured on.  For my needs, moving the netstart after
} critical filesystems worked, but I'm sure that'd break somebody.
} 	I've had a few problems with X (now that I've got it going), but
} I'm not sure if it has anything at all to do with NetBSD.  My machine does
} this thing occasionally where the keyboard will freeze up, and then a few
} minutes later, the display all messes up.  Both happen immediately if I
} set xdm=YES in rc.conf.  If I start xdm out of rc.local, it works fine.
} 	I think that's all the imperfections I've found.  I really like
} the new install, and it seemed to like (at least tolerate) my hardware
} fairly well.  Thanks for all the good work!
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