Subject: Re: System panics (again)
To: Erik E. Fair <>
From: D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/15/1998 18:40:39
Thus spake Erik E. Fair
> the hex number is an IP address. It should probably be printed as a dotted
> quad by the ARP code (assuming that the ARP code knows it's an IP address).

Yes, that's what it is.  In fact I even recognize most of the addresses
and although they are inside my network, they aren't on the local net
so I don't know why it is even trying to do put it into the arp table.

> I am having the same problem with a NetBSD 1.2G system (sparc LX) that is
> almost alone on an Ethernet - the IP address I see is the IP of the
> router's WAN (far-side) address, which is decidedly odd. In my case, it's a
> KarlBridge.

Same situation as me, basically.  Very odd indeed.

Meanwhile, it looks like this arp message was just coincidental.  I got
the latest version of -current (July 14th) and rebuilt the kernel, did
a reboot and rebuilt the world then rebuilt the kernel again.  I still
get those arp messages but they no longer seem to be directly tied
to the panics.  However, I now get core dumps.  The back trace doesn't
tell me much though.  Anyone know what I should be looking for besides
that?  I have the debug kernel and the core file here if someone has
any idea what to look for.  I can make an account available if someone
wants to poke through it.

Oh, I did swap out the motherboard and memory.  Same problem although it
seems to last longer before crashing although that may be just because
I am no longer working on it.

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