Subject: [Fwd: KDE 1.0 Released]
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/14/1998 10:48:42

is there anybody out there who is interested and has the time
to add NetBSD as a supported KDE platform? I know that our package
system already contains a package for this, but it would be nice
if our patches would be submitted back to the kde people. We should
have a NetBSD person testing KDE before each release so that the
next release will run on NetBSD out of the box.


Bernd Johannes Wuebben wrote:
>            T H E   K   D E S K T O P   E N V I R O N M E N T
>                               Release 1.0
>                              July 12, 1998
>     An integrated Desktop Environment for the Unix Operating System
>   We are pleased to announce the availability of release 1.0 of the K
>   Desktop Environment.
>   KDE is a network transparent, contemporary desktop environment  for
>   UNIX  workstations.  KDE  seeks to fill the need for an easy to use
>   desktop for Unix workstations, similar to the desktop  environments
>   found  under  the  MacOS  or  Window95/NT. We believe that the UNIX
>   operating system is the best operating system available  today.  In
>   fact  UNIX  has been the undisputed choice of the information tech-
>   nology professional for many years.  When it  comes  to  stability,
>   scalability  and openness there is no competition to UNIX. However,
>   the lack of an easy to use  contemporary  desktop  environment  for
>   UNIX  has  prevented UNIX from finding its way onto the desktops of
>   the typical computer user in offices and homes.
>   With KDE there is now an easy to use, contemporary desktop environ-
>   ment  available  for  UNIX.  Together with a free implementation of
>   UNIX such as Linux, UNIX/KDE constitutes a completely free and open
>   computing platform available to anyone free of charge including its
>   source code for anyone to modify. While there will always  be  room
>   for  improvement  we believe to have delivered a viable alternative
>   to some of the more commonly found and  commercial  operating  sys-
>   tems/desktops combinations available today. It is our hope that the
>   combination UNIX/KDE will finally bring open, reliable, stable  and
>   monopoly free computing to the average computer. Please visit:
>   for more information about the KDE Project.
>   KDE The Application Development Framework
>   KDE The Office Application Suite
>   Supported platforms:
>           KDE was primarily developed under the Linux variant of  the
>           Unix operating system. However it is known to compile with-
>           out, or with very few, problems on most Unix variants.
>           At the moment we explicitely support  Linux (Intel , Alpha,
>           Sparc) and FreeBSD. We have success reports for  IRIX, OSF,
>           SunOS, HP-UX. and others.