Subject: Re: More on the gui install thing.
To: None <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/10/1998 02:44:23
Our fundamental problem is that we have a wider range of system hardware
configurations to support than even Bill Gates and the IBM PC clones
(especially since we subsume them).

It's easy to do a GUI if you constrain the environment sufficiently that
you can count on various elements to always be there. Alas, we are in no
position to do that - most often, the hardware is already there, and we
take it as it is.

This being the case, NetBSD has been working on really lowest common
denominator install tools. It's important that these always work, first and
foremost, everywhere NetBSD does.

However, that said, I don't think it would be a bad thing to attempt a
friendlier "GUI" install, subject to particular constraints (e.g. RAM
minima, CD-ROM drive required, limited set of displays, cards, keyboards,
mice supported, etc) on specific platforms that are capable of that.
Perhaps we can find a way to make it work across more than one platform.

In the end, we're never going to be able to support each system equally
perfectly all across the board - some systems are simply better (decently
designed, more capable, whatever) than others, but there's no reason why we
can't do better on some platforms if it's relatively easy to do that, and
if we abstract it enough that it can be used in more than one place.

	Erik <>