Subject: Re[2]: gui install system
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/09/1998 15:42:47

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Subject: Re: gui install system
Author:  MIME:Guenther=2EGrau@bk=2Ebosch=2Ede at INTERNETALFALAVAL
Date:    1998-07-09 15:28

nick=2Emaniscalco@alfalaval=2Ecom wrote:=20
[=2E=2E=2Emore on gui install proposal deleted=2E=2E=2E]
>      I havn't doen much programming in X so does anyone have an=20
>      reccomendations as far as what tool kits to use?
>      I think gtk might be a good one=2E  Any thoughts on using  Tcl/Tk?
I haven't done any programming using gtk=2E Is it an X-toolkit, i=2Ee=2E=20
is it a c-API? Or is it a seperate (scripting) language? I'd suggest=20

                its a tool kit=2E  the gimp uses it and many other X  =20
                apps do as well=2E

a scripting language like Tcl/Tk or perl/tk=2E It's faster to develop,=20
easier to maintain, easier to interface with existing programs
and speed is not an issue when installing=2E You also might want to have=20
a look at what others like FreeBSD or RedHat have done=2E
Just MHO,
                tcltk could be nice=2E  i am not sure how easy it would be=20=
                interface with the existing code that does the disklabeling=
                and partitioning=2E
                as far as what others have done i didnt think redhat,     =20=
                debian, freebsd or anyone else had a graphical X based    =20=
                install=2E  have i been out of the loop for too long or wha=