Subject: Re: gui install system
To: None <>
From: Andrew McMurry <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/09/1998 14:11:34
>      Anyone interested the option of a graphical install?
>      The option of a graphical install would exist only for cdrom based 
>      installations possibly.

>      Anyway if people are interested in this I would like to know.  As for 
>      the gui I think gtk would make a nice widget set for such a task.  
>      Opinions on this?

For this to be as useful as possible, the install program should be
based on a UI layer that can either talk to an X widget set or a
curses-based widget set. Then whether you choose text or X based
installation, you get the same thing.

This will avoid having two different installation processes:

A) One that is easy to use, and nice looking, but requires a large
code base to be available and only works with suitable display
hardware for X to run. It will probably have to assume things about
the video system that might live up to NetBSD's portability goals.

B) The old sh based installation system.

The multi-interface installer would work on ALL systems (OK, not quite
all, as someone might want to install on a system with an old teletype
as a console). It would not have to worry about getting X running from
the start, but could give the user a chance to change to the X version
of the installer, once the X installation step had been taken.

The same interface might also be useful for other things. I noticed
someone wishing for such an interface for the kernel config front end
system. A system administration tool could also use the system. In
fact if the installer was written in a suitably modular fasion, then
several of the modules would be useful parts of the admin tool.
Modular code would also make it easy for any machine-dependant
installation steps to be easily included.