Subject: Re[2]: gui install system
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List: current-users
Date: 07/09/1998 14:57:49
Subject: Re: gui install system
Author:  MIME:Guenther=2EGrau@bk=2Ebosch=2Ede at INTERNETALFALAVAL
Date:    1998-07-09 14:33

nick=2Emaniscalco@alfalaval=2Ecom wrote:=20
[=2E=2E=2E gui install proposal deleted=2E=2E=2E]
>      Anyway if people are interested in this I would like to know=2E  As=20=
>      the gui I think gtk would make a nice widget set for such a task=2E
>      Opinions on this?
Great idea=2E The only problem is, that it is _extremly_ difficult to=20
build a gui that works on all NetBSD platforms=2E Besides that building=20
install tools is a mess as there are so many differen configurations out=20
that need to be taken care of=2E
The only way to takle this problem is by just starting and improving=20
it over and over again due to user feedback :-)
I am, and I guess lots of others are, all for it=2E So please, go for it=20
     Don't get your hopes up to high on seeing anything soon=2E  I am away=20
     from home right now and don't have access to a computer of my own so=20
     it would be a few weeks before I even get my hands on a netbsd box=2E