Subject: Re: Kernel configuration [2]
To: David Forbes <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1998 21:23:27
   Well, I've just looked in the relevant directories, and of the affected
   archs (m68k, mvme68k, powerpc and pc532), m68k and powerpc don't appear to
   have a file that I can use, mvme68k has a couple but their names don't
   convince me that they carry the bulk of available options, leaving just
   pc532 with which I could fix up.  Therefore, although dropping an arch
   goes against the grain for me (being an arm32 user), I think I'll drop

m68k and powerpc are `cpu' directories, with common code for these
processors that are shared among ports using this cpu.  you can and
should ignore these.  the mvme68k and pc532 ports should have a
GENERIC added...