Subject: Re: Kernel configuration [2]
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: David Forbes <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1998 11:33:46
> OTOH, just dropping an arch if there is no GENERIC file seems acceptable 
> to me ...

Well, I've just looked in the relevant directories, and of the affected
archs (m68k, mvme68k, powerpc and pc532), m68k and powerpc don't appear to
have a file that I can use, mvme68k has a couple but their names don't
convince me that they carry the bulk of available options, leaving just
pc532 with which I could fix up.  Therefore, although dropping an arch
goes against the grain for me (being an arm32 user), I think I'll drop

If there are people using these archs that want them including, all you
have to do is create a conf/GENERIC file with all possible options and
flossy will pick it up from the sup and automatically create a page. 

> THe problem I see with the web-based approach is that you not only need 
> some http-server running, but also make that one do some things like 

Yes, I don't particularly like it either, but I wrote it as much as an
exercise in HTML forms and CGI for me as anything else (I didn't really
expect that much interest...)  And it does have the advantage that I don't
have to worry about the form interface too much - the browser displays it
and returns the info to the CGI script in a standard way.

> configuring, building and eventually even installing a kernel... 
> And to be honest, I wouldn't trust any httpd enough to give it that much 

I wouldn't trust it with the install, but the rest of it should be okay,
iff care is taken over what can arbitarily be added to the makefile, I
would have thought?  (Build done in an specific directory owned by the
same user as httpd is running as?) 

> power. Besides that, the current approach using HTML is ok, of course.
> Maybe we can just do this without a http server by defining some 
> extensions and programs to call when klicked on them - 'though this will 
> be difficult (if at all possible) with CGIs...

Possibly.  I haven't really thought about doing much beyond HTML yet, but
the basic config file processing engine is in place, so it shouldn't be
too much trouble.  There a still a few minor bugs to sort out yet, as