Subject: Re: differential scsi controllers
To: Michael K. Sanders <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/1998 12:17:58
Michael K. Sanders writes:
> In message <>
> , Chris Jones writes:
> >
> >Yeah, but with gadgets like Adaptec's AEC RAID controllers going for about
> >$1700, it's getting better all the time.  One of the people I work for is
> >looking at putting together a 30GB RAID 0/1 for about $5500, which seems
> >pretty reasonable to me.
> Or a DPT 3334UDW, which with 32GB worth of the differential drives I
> just picked up (starting this whole thread :), would cost < $2k.

But will NetBSD have drivers for a DPT 3334UDW?  The AEC controllers are
straight SCSI<->SCSI, as opposed to a PCI<->SCSI RAID controller.
The DPT webpage mentions BSDI and Linux has having support, where's *BSD?

I would like to have a nice RAID5 array, but just can't justify it.
Perhaps when Manuel Bouyer's Ultra DMA code gets in the tree, *AND*
the RAIDframe, I can buy 3x10GB Quantums ($311/each) and have 20GB
of RAID5 for about $1000.  And while I'm dreaming, perhaps someone will
get SCSI target mode written, and I can turn a couple of NetBSD/i386
boxes into hardware RAID controllers... :-)

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