Subject: Re: differential scsi controllers
To: None <>
From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/01/1998 18:09:30
> It's not Jason's code.  It was borrowed from FreeBSD.
> Even if it worked, it wouldn't be worth using.  It's absolute idiocy --
> mirroring for the sake of being able to say you're mirroring.  It always

You're right that the "mirroring" feature of ccd never worked, has
never been recommended to any of FreeBSD's users, and should probably
have been removed with red-hot pliers ages ago.  What can I say - we
have a long TODO list and cruft removal doesn't always get the
attention it deserves. :)

Our policy is to simply say "ccd is useful only for building large,
fast, striped volumes which are also fragile as hell" and recommend
that people wait for vinnum or something if they're looking for
something better than RAID-0 in software.  Personally, I'd just go get
a DPT controller or SCSI-SCSI RAID system if I wanted to do something
like this.  "RAID-5" and "economy solution" just aren't 3 words I've
ever thought of in conjunction. :-)

- Jordan