Subject: Re: differential scsi controllers
To: Michael K. Sanders <>
From: Scott Bartram <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1998 17:40:11
On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Michael K. Sanders wrote:

> In message <Pine.NEB.3.96.980630150000.335B-100000@lyra>, Scott Bartram writes:
> >
> >I saw the message this morning asking about support for differential
> >controllers but saw no reply. Are any supported? 
> I was asking (on other lists) more for general opinions on the
> benefits of differential SCSI, and if mirrored CCDs were 'safe'.
> According to the i386 supported hardware list, the Adaptec 2944
> differential controller should work fine.  I just picked up 10 4GB
> drives, so it better. ;)

[I deleted your message before responding so I took a guess at the lists]

Thanks for all the replies. I did check the hardware list before sending
mail but the word 'differential' was not found and the 2944 was not
specifically mentioned so I thought I'd better ask before I went out and
bought those Quantum 4GB drives :-)

BTW, does anyone know what chip is on the controller sold by Corporate
Systems Center? The picture is too small to make it out.

At half the price of the Adaptec, it would be nice if it worked.