Subject: Re: telnet problem
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1998 13:32:46
>In article <>,
>Ken Hornstein  <> wrote:
>> Good question.  First off ... do you need to set or unset extproc?

Okay, so, I looked at EXTPROC more closely.  As I read the code, on
"real" ttys it controls whether or not special charcters are processed
(in addition to ICANON).  On pseudo ttys it controls whether or not
a pseudo-tty will send ioctl packets when in packet mode.

(Geez, does anyone really know what the heck "external processing"

Anyway ... I don't know why this is being set.  First off, it might be
useful to check the default state.  Try "stty -a -f /dev/ttypX", where
"ttypX" is an unused pty, and see if extproc is set or unset.  If
it's not set by default, then I'd check your startup environment to
see if anything is setting it.  If nothing in your startup scripts
makes this happen, then I guess the next thing to do is look at
why your telnetd sets this and others do not.

Hmmm ... a brief look at telnetd seems to imply that it will set
EXTPROC when it goes into linemode, but that should mean that it
should know how to deal with that .....