Subject: Re: telnet problem
To: Ken Nakata <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/29/1998 20:50:13
Ken Nakata wrote:
> [~]$ hexdump
> [here I type enter and ^D]
> 0000000 0a00
> 0000001
> Oh, and the important point: I get the same result with or without
> telnetting to localhost, at least when I'm in an xterm window...
> Maybe this has something to do with the pty device, rather than
> telnetd?

D'oh -- I think we're just misunderstanding hexdump's output. It's just
printing stuff as a 16 bit field. "echo >x; hexdump <x" produces the
same thing. "Never mind..."

Still, I *do* get wierd behavior with telnet.