Subject: Re: XF86Setup
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/29/1998 15:07:42
Me Too!
   When I help students set up NetBSD on the is enough other stuff to 
deal with to get them up to speed without having to configure X minus
XF86Setup or going thru extra steps to build or install it.
   If it is there as part of XF86 has it as a normal component we should

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Chris G. Demetriou wrote:

> > We're trying to move toward better granularity of installation - adding a
> > statically linked XF86Setup is very painful just to add as a "bonus" in the
> > i386 X distribution sets.
> It's not a "bonus."  It's a tool which some people (including myself)
> consider "critical" setting up XF86 in a sane manner on a new system.
> And it's part of the standard XF86 distribution.
> It may be "painful" for people building binaries to build XF86Setup,
> but it's sure more painful for users not to have it.
> > All you need to do is install the tcl, tk, and XF86Setup pkgs, and we're
> > looking into adding binary pkg installation to sysinst anyway.  "It's better
> > as a pkg." 
> Only if the rest of the X installation is a package.  Right now it's
> not.
> A 'normal' XFree86 installtion includes XF86Setup.  It's a useful,
> even critically useful, too.  Ours does not.  That's bogus.
> cgd