Subject: Re: Book recommendations for NetBSD users
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/26/1998 22:00:42
>	Many thanks to all who responded.
>	Initial list now up on:
>	If anyone has an additions, or in particular comments about why
>	they would recommend a given book (or for what area they would
>	recommend it), please let me know.

it's a good start, but now that i'm home, i feel a need to "share"
some of my own library.  :)

for users:

* unix in a nutshell
authors: daniel gilly and the rest of the o'reilly staff
publication: o'reilly, 1992, isbn 1-56592-001-5
(it says svr4 on the cover but a lot of it still applies)

* 4.4bsd user's reference manual, user's supplementary documents, &
  system manager's manual
authors: ???
publication: o'reilly, 1994, isbn 1-596592-075-9, 1-56592-076-7, &
(yeah, it's mostly just the man pages, but there's also a lot more

for programmers:

* unix network programming, volume 1, second edition
author: the right honorable w. richard stevens
publication: prentice hall, 1998, isbn 0-13-490012-X
(the first of a three volume rewrite of the first edition by the same

* advanced unix programming
author: marc j. rochkind
publication: prentice hall, 1985, isbn 0-13-011800-1
(all sorts of fun things)

* 4.4bsd programmer's reference manual & programmer's supplementary
authors: ???
publication: o'reilly, 1994, isbn 1-56592-078-3 & 1-56592-079-1
(again yeah, it's mostly just the man pages, but there's also a lot
 more here)

i'll send more as the list develops and it bcomes pertinent.  :)

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