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Date: 06/26/1998 12:03:51
Throw away your PC!  

Throw away your modem!  

Throw away your VCR!  

Drop your cable TV or satellite subscription!  

Say what?  Are you nuts?

     ***On June 1st, comes the 1st Network Computer!***

When was the last time you saw your family, friends, or business associates on the internet and were able to talk to them?  Watched a movie on demand?  Or received your favorite TV channels on the internet or by way of a computer?

Wouldn't it be nice to quit spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to upgrade software and hardware, only to see it be obsolete in a few months?

With our Network Computer, that is exactly what you can and will be able to do right there over your phone lines without having to spend thousands to upgrade or buy new components!  
You'll never be "left behind" by computer or electronic technology again!

Imagine having all of the connections to your home conveniently billed to one service provider, at an affordable competitive price!  

As amazing as this sounds, we are on the cutting edge of doing all of this and more.  

In fact, we've already demonstrated the technology and the first network computer will be on the street June 1st with rollout of additional services like real-time video conferencing right around the corner!

If you would like to find out more information about this amazing technology, and the opportunity to share it with others, just stop by our website at:

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