Subject: Re: Weirdness?
To: Dustin Sallings <>
From: Skeelo <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/23/1998 05:23:18
FYI here is a quote from the "Name Server Operations Guide for BIND".

           The server-address's are aggregated and then used
      as   the  default  destination  of  queries  generated
      through the resolver.  In other words, this is the way
      you  tell  the  resolver  which name servers it should
      use.  It is possible for a given client application to
      override  this list, and this is often done inside the
      name server (which is itself a resolver client) and in
      test programs such as nslookup.  Note that if you wish
      to list the local host in your resolver  configuration
      file,  you  should  probably  use its primary Internet
      address  rather  than  a  local-host  alias  such   as  or   This  is due to a bug in the
      handling of connected SOCK_DGRAM sockets in some  ver-
      sions  of the BSD networking code.  If you must use an
      address-alias, you should prefer  (or  simply
      ``0'') over, though be warned that depending
      on the vintage of your  BSD-derived  networking  code,
      both of them are capable of failing in their own ways.

The thing is this used to work... I was running 1.2.1 before and it was
working just fine for about 8 months, then sometime between then and now
(-current) I lost this (I'm not sure if 1.3 worked or not) feature.  Just
one of the many things I found broken when I went from 1.2.1 to 1.3.x :(
As I said this is really easy to get past but seeing as it was working I
would like to see it working once more. 

On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, Dustin Sallings wrote:

> > First, sorry for the cross post. But I'm not sure where this should be.
> > I'm running a -current NetBSD/mac68k (33mhz '030 with 36MB RAM) and would
> > like to see this resolved.
> > 
> > Has anyone else noticed that requests to don't connect anymore?
> > I'm not quite sure when this started for me but I first noticed it when my
> > nameserver wasn't answering requests. I had "nameserver" in my
> > /etc/resolv.conf, that was easy enough to fix but this is starting to bug
> > me. If this isn't something unique to my system (I doubt it's just me)
> > then I'll be happy to fill in a pr with what little information I have but
> > if someone more knowledgable wants to file one I'll be happy to let them
> > instead.
> 	That doesn't sound like a problem.  I don't think you can number a
> machine 0.  Just use for your resolv.conf if you're running a local
> nameserver.
> 	I think a similar ``problem'' hit OpenBSD recently, where someone was
> complaining about not being able to telnet to 0.  I would think that answering
> at the address would be more of a bug than not answering.
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