Subject: Re: media selection on (ne* at pcmcia*) cards...
To: None <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/05/1998 19:09:12
Jason Thorpe said:

>there currently isn't media selection support the NE2000 driver.  I suspect
>the registers to frob are going to be card-specific.
>If you can get documentation on how this works on your card, I can help you
>make it work.

> > I've got a faculty member with a pcmcia ethernet card which works fine
> > over BNC, but not at all with UTP.  If media selection doesn't work, is
> > there any workaround, like a source code mod that will hard-code UTP
> > instead of BNC?

If a NIC is set for a specific media with the included DOS-based 
install disk, does NetBSD reset the media to some arbitrary value?

Of course, this is moot when the NIC is installed in a non-wintel
system and a DOS box is not available.

I'll try a test this weekend as I am curious. I have a 1.2 system with
a Linksys NE2000 clone combo card. It's on thinnet now, but I'll switch
it over to 10bt and plug it into a hub, after resetting the media with
the install disk.
Rick Kelly