Subject: Re: The Adaptec 3940AU controller
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Kenneth D. Merry <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/04/1998 21:45:21
Brad Spencer wrote...
> I have just acquired a new version of the Adaptec 3940 card which is
> called a 3940AU.  The ID strings of the 3940AU are different from the
> original 3940 and there does not appear to be any support for it in
> NetBSD-current.  The ID of the new card is 9004 7895.  The docs imply that
> the differences are small but before I go off and test the theory that
> this card works like the original 3940, is anyone planning on adding
> support in the near future??

	The 3940AU is based on the AIC-7895.  The Adaptec driver in
NetBSD-current doesn't support the 7895.  Adding support for the 7895 is
non-trivial (i.e. you can't just add the PCI id into the driver and make it
work), so it'll take someone porting support for it from either the FreeBSD
CAM Adaptec driver or the Linux Adaptec driver.  (The Linux driver is
based on the CAM Adaptec driver.  It has AIC-7895 support, but they haven't
yet ported support for the AIC-7890 chip.)

Kenneth Merry