Subject: Re: IPNAT box, and ethernet cards
To: David Jones <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/1998 18:13:57
On Apr 12,  8:16pm, David Jones wrote:
>Space Case wrote:
>| The PC is a Gateway 2000 486/33.  Does it have enough horsepower to
>| handle the job?
>For personal use, it should.  If you are running high-volume servers, then
>it may not.

Cool.  Some of the other replies were starting to get me thinking it might
not handle it, as the box will also be acting as a print server for a HP
Laserjet 4P that I also just picked up.  I guess if I keep it light, there
won't be much problem, but it might not like the 120KB/sec that I sometimes
pull off the net.  But if the TFN's system is handling it (even if it is
struggling), I shouldn't expect too much problem.


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