Subject: Re: Compiling an kernel with egcs?
To: Bernd Ernesti <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/1998 14:38:03
In message <>, Bernd Ernesti writes:
>I know that egcs (gcc 2.8) has now a warning about the return type of main,
>but how do I disable this warning during an kernel build (I don't want to
>remove -Werror)?

-Wno-main, or -ffreestanding.  At least, assuming it hasn't been changed;
my original patch warns:

1.  if -Wmain
2.  if -Wall, but not -ffreestanding or -Wno-main

The intent is that a freestanding environment (which a kernel certainly
is) shouldn't try to enforce the ISO rules for the type of main, which are
only for a hosted enviroment.

I know some small changes were made, but I think the rest of this holds.