Subject: Re: 3Com 3C574-TX
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1998 03:24:00 (Kevin Tsang) writes:

>Is there someone currently working on extensions to the current driver
>for 3Com pcmcia NICs?  I would be a willing tester for this one in

I tried to stir up some active interest in it a few weeks ago, but I
guess everyone with enough knowledge to do something about it has been
too busy. I believe my original messages (where I learned a couple of
basic things about the card) were sent to port-i386; you can look in the
archives for those messages if you're interested.

Also, the latest rev of Linux pcmcia_cs has a driver for this card. You
can find a copy of it in, if you
know something about NetBSD ethernet drivers and think you can make the
ep_pcmcia driver work with it.

(In case you haven't guessed, I also have a couple of these cards, and a
laptop or two).