Subject: Re: svr4 emulation and brk
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/08/1998 14:12:16
In article <> (Thomas Seidmann) writes:
>I'm trying to get a software package made for Solaris 2 to run under
>NetBSD/sparc 1.3. While starting the license manager, I've observed its
>malfunction and ktrace showed, that it is trying to push the end of the
>data segment a big step:
>   318 synopsysd CALL  setitimer(0,0x7afcc,0x7afbc)
>   318 synopsysd RET   setitimer 0
>   318 synopsysd CALL  break(0x97000)
>   318 synopsysd RET   break 0
>>>>318 synopsysd CALL  break(0x10097000)
>   318 synopsysd RET   break -1 errno 12 Cannot allocate memory
>I realized that this is after 256M (MAXDSIZ), so I built a kernel with
>MAXDSIZ=512M. The license manager won't start either. So I wrote a
>simple test program that tries to perform this operation:

Can you find out where gets loaded. I thought that it was loaded at
0x10000000 (SVR4_INTERP_ADDR) in svr4_exec.h
Try moving that higher. Why does the license manager wants that much
space is beyond me!