Subject: Re: ATM drivers...
To: None <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/1998 14:21:00
>I was wondering if I could get some (or any) ATM status information on the
>	- Cards supported under current (either i386 or Alpha ports).

the Efficient and the Adaptec cards (ANA-59x0).   The Adaptec cards 
have a nicer DMA interface than the ENI cards.  we have beat on the 
driver pretty hard (e.g. with AAL0 video streams) and it hasn't had
any problems for quite a while.

>Unfortunately, moving our backbone to ATM
>is forcing us to look at FreeBSD and Linux for some of the platforms (eg.
>route servers) simply because of their ATM support.

freebsd, netbsd, and openbsd share the same driver for the Efficient
and Adaptec cards ("midway.c" -- the one i wrote).   the linux driver 
is by Werner Almesberger - i've read it but haven't actually used it.

it is pretty painful getting the DMA on the ENI working properly (i
don't think the byte aligner works properly on the PCI cards under load 
... see the big EN_ENIDMAFIX comment in midway.c).