Subject: Re: Mozilla on NetBSD-1.3/i386
To: Simon J. Gerraty <>
From: Rick Scott <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1998 09:33:45
> Just a status update...
> I've got Mozilla running on NetBSD-1.3/i386 using last night's
> lesstif-current (ie. patched up to 980404).
> For the most part it works.  The most notible problem is that on the
> main browser window there is about 30% of the window unused.  Ie. the
> scrollbar starts 1/3 of the way down the window compared to where it
> should, and the space bewteen the location bar and top of the
> scrollbar is totally unused.  Resizing makes no difference.

This is a known Mozilla problem, I love to say that. The height resource
for the tool box is being specified as 200 when it is in reality only
around 100.  You can get it to size correctly if you pick View->Hide ...
from the menubar and then View->Show.  The void will then be gone.

> That and clicking the Bookmarks button does nothing.  All other
> controls appear to work and Alt-B does throw up the bookmarks
> "editor"? and all appears (and appears to funcion) correctly.

Then you have not got to anything that uses a FileSelectionDialog!!

> [I recommend seting BUILD_OPT=1 for Mozilla - unless you have about
> 400M of spare disk space in the build dir :-)]
> Oh and Lesstif spits out lots of warnings about what Mozilla is asking
> for.  Mostly:
> Warning: 
>     Name: ListSW
>     Class: XmScrolledWindow
>     Frame.c(575):geometry_manager() - Widget requesting w 0 h 0 from \
>      ComboBoxRowColumn
>         Returning XtGeometryNo

Yea, I did that to get it to run and not be able to forget about it.  I do
not think that SW should be requesting a 0x0 size from its parent.  0x0 
should make it calculate a default value for its size and request that.
Anyway, it will not be forgotten about with the warnings coming up.

> --sjg