Subject: Re: Intel clones: how well do they work?
To: None <>
From: Brad Salai <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/1998 20:21:35
> In message <>, David Jones writes:
> >I know that the Cyrix 486 was royally broken, and will not support NetBSD.
> >I am wary of anything not made by Intel.
> All I can say is that I have K6's in *all* of my 80x86 type Unix boxes
> these days.  I've had no trouble with them, and they *whomp* the Intel
> chips.  (My benchmark is 'rc564'.)
> My systems never had the F00F hang, either.
> Anyway, YMMV, but the K6 certainly seems to work just fine.  The only
> problem I have that I haven't tracked down is that my BSD/OS box with a
> K6-233 can't probe a 2940 correctly, even though the card works fine in
> a P-120... But it works fine with other cards, and I use it heavily.
> YMMV; I think the K6 is a good deal.
> -s
Do you think the K6 might be the problem probing the 2940? 

I'm building my first 386 box, and have collected most of the parts. I waited until the end to think about a processor and am considering the K6. However, I do have a 2940, and would be _sad_ if I bought the processor, and the board didn't work. A P233MMX is only about $20 or so more, safer choice?