Subject: Re: if_we with 10UTP ?
To: Ronald Khoo <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1998 11:08:17
> Am I being confused or does the current if_we driver not support
> the on-board 10BaseT on the 10Base2/10BaseT/AUI combo card ?

I'm using at least one combo 'we' card at home with UTP, so i can tell
you that it does work with NetBSD (at least for some cards).  However,
I can't tell you at the moment what type of card i'm using it with, or
what settings the kernel reports for that card.  (If you'd like, i can
poke around the backs of my machines when I get home, and figure out
which is which.  8-)

I seem to recall (and this is very, very hazy) that for some of those
card, in reality two of those settings (maybe 10BaseT and AUI?) were
actually just one hardware setting, i.e. with that setting you could
use either port.  You might try the other media settings, and see
which works.  (I seem to recall that i bitched about this, saying that
the driver should report all possible media selection options if it
couldn't detect that some weren't present, i.e. if the card might have
10-T, 10-2 and AUI report all three, even if the bits for 10-T and AUI
were the same, but note in the manual page that not all settings might
work, etc.  In general, i think it's better to be given too many media
choices, and have some that won't work because they aren't possible,
than to be given too few because from a software perspective multiple
of them look the same, and not be able to select the 'right' one.)