Subject: Re: new console driver code
To: Chris Jones , Ty Sarna <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/23/1998 22:41:40
	I'm in favor of a new console package,  as long as I can still use it
on i386 machines with monochrome displays or vga cards in text mode.  Also,
serial consoles ought to continue to work as well.
Just wanted to ground this discussion.

On Mar 23,  4:52pm, Chris Jones wrote:
} Subject: Re: new console driver code
} [CC's to current-users because there are some questions that seem relevant
} to that forum]
} On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, Ty Sarna wrote:
} > Chris Jones wrote:
} > > If you want, I can send you my font and keyboard mapping when I'm done
} > > with them.  Eventually, I want:
} > 
} > Yes, please!
} > 
} > > 1) A cyrillic font that I can load in pcvt, unless the new vga console
} > > looks like a better option.
} > 
} > I think the new console will be the wave of the future. Plus, eventually
} > that should allow use on many more ports (alpha, pmax, etc).
} Yeah, I suppose you're right.  That means I'll have to install -current on
} my machine at home, and start mucking with that.  But I'll get it
} eventually.  I haven't looked yet; do you know if there's a font editor
} for the vga console?  For that matter, what format will font files for the
} new console driver be in?  Will they be compatible with anything else?
} > > 2) A pair of keyboard mappings, one for yawerty and one for whatever the
} > > "normal" Russian one is.
} > 
} > See:
} > 
} >
} Thanks for the URL.  I think I've seen that one before, but I lost it.
} > > 3) A message catalog written in Russian.
} > > 
} > > The last one is likely to take quite a long time.  However, when I'm done
} > > with it, I'll probably turn the whole thing into a package and submit
} > > that.
} > 
} > #3 should just go into the tree, with the French, German, and other ones.
} Okay, good.  Do you think I should make the font and keyboard mapping a
} package, then?  It seems kind of silly to make the font a package, when
} the message catalog is in the source tree; the message catalog will be
} useless without the font.  And, of course, the font won't be very useful
} (for anything other than viewing the contents of the message catalog)
} without the keyboard mapping.  But is there an appropriate place in the
} source tree for fonts and keyboard mappings?
} > I don't know even remotely enough to attempt to translate the message
} > catalog yet...
} I won't promise to do it without grammar errors, but I think I can at
} least get the meanings right.  Then other people can correct it later;
} that's what send-pr is for...
} Chris
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