Subject: Re: Any luck with egcs-1.0.2 using stock NetBSD gcc?
To: Jeff Thieleke <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/22/1998 15:19:50
On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Jeff Thieleke wrote:

> I'm running NetBSD/i386 1.3E, the stock GCC version, and I'm
> building egcs with 'setenv CC gcc ; ./configure ; make'.  Does anyone have
> any suggestions or ideas what could be so wrong?  I figure that it must
> either be a problem with gcc 2.7 or so sort of 'configure' problem, but I
> don't know where to start.

The simplest way to solve your problem is to do

   make bootstrap

instead of 'make'. Whats happens then is that only gcc is built with our
gcc, and then everything other are built using the new gcc.

While we are speaking about building gcc...  The prefered way is to use
a build directory separate from the source. This is done by something

   tar zxf egcs-1.0.2.tar.gz
   mkdir build
   cd build
   gmake bootstrap

There is a bug in our make (or in the Makefile, depending on how you see
it) that make the build process fail after comparing stage2 and stage3 of
the compiler, so use gmake instead of make. (This problem is solved in 
egcs-current, so we should be able to use our make whith egcs-1.1 when it
is released)