Subject: Solutions (was Misc. problems)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: tcjam <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/20/1998 15:04:00
On Wed, 18 Mar 1998, tcjam wrote:

> First the most annoying thing I have run across is the lack of ppp
> features since I upgraded, mostly it seems pppd no longer uses the
> active-filter,idle,and holdoff options correctly. Could someone please
> confirm/explain this? I had everything working under 1.2.1.
	This is still open...ideas anyone?

> Twm doesn't seem to like xsm, I've been converted from startx to xdm and I
> like xdm much better but I get core files from twm when I try to restore
> one of my xsm sessions. Occasionally I'll get xsm cores too. If you care
> to poke around the core file it is available at
	I seem to have hit a know bug with this and was sent a patch, so I
recompiled twm and it works afaict. The patch and the twm binary are
posted on my website (

> Last something about the encryption since I upgraded to 1.3( and later
> -current)  seems to be off, I used to use BetterTelnet with S/key auth all
> the time but the keys generated by the netbsd box don't match anymore,
> I've confirmed the keys generated by BetterTelnet with the S/Key
> calculator from Bell Labs.

	The s/key problem was also known, seems there were two PR's on
this subject. See PR #5040. As with twm I put the patch and the compiled
libskey* stuff up on my website (see above).

> Also the password program that came with the
> ircd-hybrid source doesn't work anymore (no more crypted oper passwords
> =[), it consistently generates unique crypts from the same plaintext. I
> generated several thousand of these crypts over one weekend each of which
> was unique. This is very frustrating since the login passwords seem to
> work just fine. 
	I haven't check the mkpasswd program but I would suspect it is
still generating random ciphers. Any ideas?

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