Subject: New Company:: Back by Industry GIANT
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From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/18/1998 01:45:09
NOTE- You have been sent this commercial message because our 
research has indicated that you have shown interest in home-based 
business opportunities.  If we have made a mistake, we sincerely 
apologize.  Simply press <delete> and we will not contact you
further.  Thank you.

How would you like to save money on all the connections you are 
already using on a daily basis? Things like: internet access, 
electric power, local and long-distance telephone service, 
cellular, paging, cable and digital satellite service, and MUCH 

And what if you could simplify your life by getting these 
discounted, brand-name services all from one source, with just 
ONE monthly bill?  Better yet, how would you like to earn an 
UNLIMITED income by sharing these savings and this convenience 
with others?

This is no imagined opportunity.  Our company is the world’s 
first integrated service provider.  We have forged strategic 
alliances with several Fortune 500 companies to provide our 
customer’s with quality, value-priced services AND to provide 
those who act immediately with the an unprecedented opportunity.

This is a ground-floor opportunity, but NOT a ground-floor 
company.  We are the newest division of a $1.5 Billion debt-free 
international corporation, listed on the NYSE, with a 5A-1 Dun & 
Bradstreet credit rating (the highest given!) . Most importantly, 
we are one of the few PROVEN network marketing companies in the 

Analysts predict that retailing as we know it will be 
non-existent by the year 2015.

Sales on the internet exceeded $8 Billion in 1997, and is 
predicted to grow over 40 TIMES in the next 5 years.  Our company 
will be a major player in this market, giving you a chance to 
capitalize on the enormous opportunity ahead.

Timing is everything in business, and right now your timing could 
not be better.  This company has only recently been launched, and 
we are looking for professional, action-oriented people who are 
serious about success.  We know you’ll have questions and will 
need more information, but if this sounds like the kind of 
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ve been waiting for ACT NOW!  
Check out our corporate website for
more information, and then call today!!!