Subject: de looping in interrupt on heavy load
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: William Coldwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/03/1998 19:27:00
Problem:  Under heavy ftp/scp transfers, the machine will stop responding on  
the network... and become pretty much a doorstop.  Sometimes I would find  
the keyboard LEDs stuck off and non-responsive.. other times, just the getty  
was there, and wouldn't accept anything, just echoing ^C ^Z, etc.  I started  
ripping things out of the conf file.. to no avail.

After fighting with this problem for about 2 weeks, I finally was able to  
catch it in DDB and do a trace.

What we're seeing is it's spinning inside of the tulip_rx_intr code jumping  
into malloc, eintrnames, m_free, and some other vm and kernel calls before  
coming right back to the interrupt.  Now, I'm not a DDB jock, and I don't  
play one on TV, so I can't really be of much more help :/

I _believe_ this started about the time that Matt Thomas moved the de driver  
to the bus_dma architecture, and I suspect something got biffed.  Anyway,  
this is really a pisser, because I can't even FTP the 1.3 archive to bring  
the system back up since it tickles it.  It only happens under heavy network  
load, and there doesn't seem to be a specific amount of time (the worse kinds  
to track down).

Frustrated as hell.  Is anyone else seeing this with the de 21040?

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