Subject: Re: Heads up - SPAM attacks
To: None <>
From: Lars-Johan Liman <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/1998 10:48:41
> Since the low-precedence MX hosts are not usually under the control
> of the site's postmaster, it's difficult to set up blocking.

Well, yes. I would suggest being careful when choosing your low-MX
buddy, because if he/she sets up filtering the same way you do, you're
quite well off, but if not, you have a problem.

> I thought of a fix, but it can have potentially far reaching
> results.  I was thinking that perhaps we should all set our
> lowest-priority MX records to or an unqualified
> "localhost".  THAT would give the spammers something to choke
> on. :-)

I love it! You have an evil mind! :-)

> If this is the wrong list, please continue the discussion on the
> RIGHT one.  I'm sorry to have wasted any unnecessary bandwidth.
> The person in question scrapped sendmail and started using Exim
> as a MTA.  Any comments?

Where can I find info about Exim?

# What the DNS really needs, is CLUE records ... ;-)
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