Subject: Re: /usr/pkgsrc
To: Robert V. Baron <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1998 20:38:06
On 23 Feb 1998, Robert V. Baron wrote:

> I was wondering.  Why do we install imported code into /usr/pkg?
> Most code thinks it lives in /usr/local.  So for example, pulling
> in ical is a pain, since it thinks tcl/tk is in /usr/local and we
> have it in /usr/pkg.  ANd while we are at it.  Why do we put ports
> into /usr/pkgsrc vs /usr/ports?

I think the thought is that /usr/local is for whatever the
local site decides to setup and maintain. /usr/pkgsrc is maintianed
(partly) by NetBSD. Basically /usr/pkg* stuff is our responsability, and
/usr/local is yours (though the mailing lists will often help you with

We call them "packages" as "ports" has the meaning of "different computer
hardware NetBSD runs on" and we wanted to make a distinction. :-)

Take care,