Subject: sets and sysinst.
To: Robert V. Baron <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1998 14:28:08
>>Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU> writes:
>> I'm suggesting that we split comps.tgz into two parts, one sharable.
>> across all ports of a given ${MACHINE_ARCH}, like the gcc backend, and

>Wait until sysinst gets going really well then it won't matter how many
>pieces the distribution comes in.

Sorry, that touches a sore point.

The parts which deal with sets _are_ going really really well.

Yes, Some of the i386 specific code is fubared.  The i386 code that
handles MRBs and fdisk has been fubared for years.  It's well known
that it trashes disks on some non-track-aligned (or non
cylinder-aligned) non-`whole system' installs. Going by the PRs, Some
vestiges of that are still present in sysinst.

Ask the i386 port maintainers why they arent doing anything about the
PRs in the database that affect sysinst i386.  And ask the i386 users
why they complain on port-i386 about sysinst and Adaptec geometries,
and other bugs, but nobody complaining there ever, ever sent PRs.

      4772     -- greg hudson's report of a disksubr botch
      4773     -- greg hudson's report of an i386 fdisk botch.
	       (sysinst has a broken bugavoidance hack for these.)
      4779     -- Only PR ever submitted about the same Adaptec geometry
	          problem discussed on port-i386.
      4791     -- reports  disklabel wrong i386 with unspecified controller.

Or someone give me a goahead to fix them and I'll try, but I cant
test any fixes as widely as they should be.

Robert, if there's other stuff you want fixed -- aside from
menu-nagivation changes you sugested earlier -- please, *please* send
a change-request PR.

[The menu navigation idea was a reallygood suggestion but it requires
significant re-engineering of the menuc compiler and totally reworking
the code behind the menus as a finite-state-machine or callback-driven
code: the current design just doesn't lend itself to what you wanted.

We need to `do stuff' on the directed arcs between menus, and we need
distinct arcs, doing `distinct stuff', for popping out versus
succesfully done, since `done' and `abort' may end up going back to
the same menu...

This means a complete rewrite...]