Subject: Re: source to handle directory content for manipulate
To: c5666305 <>
From: John S. Dyson <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/1998 03:39:55
c5666305 said:
> Hi,
> Forget me. This is cross post. I cannot find any source to handle the
> content of a directory for manipulate.
> 1. Get the content of a particular directoy. It may contains files 
>    and directories.
> 2. Some routines to display the content and play around with it like add
>    or delete (not actually add or delete just do it under the program
>    execution).
> If so, please show me the direction.  Thanks.c
> P.S.  Sorry for cross post as I am in a  hot spot and I need the tools 
>       urgently.

Since you are in a hurry, I thought that I would give a NetBSD'er cousin
a bit of help.

Try 'man fts' for a description of the API for traversal of a directory tree.
If you don't have manpages online, I can send them to you, if you need.

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