Subject: New source-changes digest list
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/20/1998 13:39:42
[NOTE: The list server described is NOT endorsed by The NetBSD Foundation,
Inc. or its representatives.  It is run by an individual on his own server.]

I have finally set up a summary form of the source-changes mailing list
after much bantering with several users on what format to take.  For now, it
is one list with all of the src, othersrc, pkgsrc, and xsrc trees, but may
later be changed to have "split up" lists (kernel/userland? port specific?) 
or different sorting methods.  WWW page changes are not currently included
in the summaries. 

To subscribe, send a mail to:
with the words:
    subscribe netbsd-change-summary
in the message body (not subject).

You can also, in fact, subscribe to mirror reflectors of all the NetBSD
lists from; every public NetBSD list is mirrored there, and
you can send a "lists" command to see them all.  (The CTM distribution from is also mirrored for the benefit of USA users--use "subscribe
netbsd-ctm" to join, and you can drop your subscription to the Australian
list server.)

Following is a sample output of the summary format, which runs six times
daily (four hours apart).  You'll note that the files are sorted
alphabetically by pathname. 


    (mycroft - Fri Feb 20 10:09:04 PST 1998)
    Linux's getsid(2) does in fact return a pid, not a pointer.

    (mycroft - Fri Feb 20 10:09:30 PST 1998)

    (mycroft - Fri Feb 20 10:09:04 PST 1998)
    Linux's getsid(2) does in fact return a pid, not a pointer.

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