Subject: NetBSD-1.3 =~ 701MB, > 1 74min CD. (was Re: Installation from CD-ROM.)
To: Phil Nelson <>
From: Darren Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/20/1998 00:16:01
In some mail I received from Phil Nelson, sie wrote
> >Maybe the anticipation was that someone producing a CD distribution
> >would make sysinst use something sensible for their production.
> I have already made a CD of the ftp site ... 630 Mb 

Hmmm. I've got a tape of the local NetBSD ~ftp area...

the NetBSD-1.3 tree weighs in at 735822172 bytes (using "tar tvf",
greping for 1.3 and excluding alpha with an awk one liner).

The individual ports (grep 1.3/<port> | awk):
amiga	67809715
i386	109441184
sparc	44959579
pmax	63541454
atari	32855078
m68k	14228795
mac68k	26998190
pc532	26535081
arm32	47206525
vax	46272253
sun3x	25050893
sun3	27446900
hp300	28232538
mvme68k	23064691
source	151970526 (includes sets/Split and sets/*.tgz)

	735613402 (701MB)

well, that's too much for a 74 minute CD-ROM (carries 650MB).

My guess is that the size of NetBSD-1.3/source is twice what it needs
to be, or even most of the distrubtion is due to duplication of .tgz's
and sets/Split files.