Subject: Re: Installation from CD-ROM.
To: Darren Reed <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/19/1998 16:44:11
[Copy of a message I sent earlier, but not to current-users]
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> btw, the tree is almost
>large enough to require 2 CD's...unless you can buy 80min recordable CD's ?

by how much does it exceed one CD?
Can we reduce the level of duplication in the tree?  

The m68k ports all currently share the same xfont.tgz.  Wasn't the
whole .snf -> .pcf migration around X11R3 to make the fonts
server-neutral.  We should only need one copy, which saves about 20

Similarly the man sets (manpages only, right?) are _supposed_ to be
identical across ports.  At 2.5 megs apiece and 12 copies, that's 35
megs, or 5% of a CD.  These add up and pretty soon we're talking about
real space.

Is it worth trying to aggressively repack 1.3.1, or a later point
release, so we can fit all the binaries on one CD?

Were the changes to unify the m68k userland code pulled up to
1.3.1?  Does that let us ship a single unified m68k base.tgz yet?

Has anyone thought about splitting comp.tgz for the 68k into
m68k-neutral and port-specific files?  What needs to change, other
than make, the gcc frontent, and port-specific binaries?
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Two points:
1) it's too late to do anything new for 1.3.1. 

2) re a unified m68k userland (at least base): We might also want to
do something similar for, e.g., ARC and pmax ports sometime soon.
Those mips ELF binaries are bloathogs.  

Together with eliminating split binaries, that should be enough to
keep everything on one CD for some time.